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Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the OECD

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Ambassador, Permanent Representative:

H.E.M. Iztok Jarc

Welcome to the website of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the OECD!

Dear visitor,

Slovenia’s accession to the OECD reflects its endeavours to completely integrate the standards and values of the developed world. To this end, Slovenia had to shift from a planned to a market economy, become a member of the European Union and of the Euro zone (the first among new EU Member States to do so). On the other hand, the accession of Slovenia to the OECD reflects the determination of the Organisation to leave doors open to those who accept the values and principles of the Convention by which the OECD was established in 1961.

The period of Slovenian accession is marked by profound changes in global society. We are witnessing a shift in wealth. This is seen in the growing share of emerging economies in global GDP and in global imbalances. Resources are in emerging economies. Developed nations are pressed by debt. The new rules of Basel III try to reduce the temptations to assume excessive risks in the financial sector. The Green Growth Strategy alerts the real sector to the exhaustion of natural resources provoked by growth which neglects nature. The reflections go beyond GDP and beyond conventional aid.

The response of the OECD to the changing global environment is encompassed within the Vision Statement and in the Secretary-General's Strategic Orientations discussed by the ministers at the ministerial meeting on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Organisation. The President of the Republic of Slovenia had the honour to launch the “better life index” and to participate on the panel ‘Bringing people back to work’.

By becoming an OECD member, Slovenia is now able to exchange experiences and best practices with other Member States; to verify the objectivity of its economic behaviour with the help of peer reviews; to compare the effectiveness of its policies and orientations based on methodologically comparable data; to participate in the preparation of common standards; to contribute to the implementation of regional approaches, especially in South-Eastern Europe; to participate in the discussion about energy safety and environmental protection; and to have access to information about the new global architecture.

Slovenia recently became a member of the NEA. Membership of this organisation of the OECD will allow it to improve safety and deepen its knowledge about the problems of nuclear energy.

The early participatory activities of Slovenia show its willingness to become an active member of the organisation in today’s uncertain world. 

Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the OECD


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