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10th anniversary of Slovenia's membership to the OECD, 21 July 2020

Slovenia celebrated the 10th anniversary of its membership to the OECD. At the virtual conference organised by the Slovenian government and the OECD minister for Foreign Affairs dr. Anže Logar emphasised that the membership to the OECD is not a purpose in itself. It is rather a journey. Its purpose is not only the possession of a prestigious membership card but the access to the platform for exchanging best practices and active implementation of the practices. Through the OECD membership, Slovenia gained access to the extensive knowledge. Each government has the responsibility to use this knowledge. This government is well aware of this fact.

As the OECD member we implemented best practices of the SOE management and appropriate tax policy, introduced an act on social entrepreneurship, statistical indicators of measuring green growth and established a national contact point for responsible business conduct. We also prepared a framework to measure impact of policy reforms & skills strategy and so much more. We also share our own knowledge and best practices with other OECD member states, like in the area of artificial intelligence, blockchain, innovations in the area of tourism.
Demo of the virtual conference of 20th of July 2020:
A short video about Slovenian experiences as OECD Member:

Photo: MPA