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OECD Health at a Glance 2019, 7.11.2019

The "Health at a Glance 2019" publication presents the latest comparable data and trends over time on the health system's performance and overall population health among OECD members, candidates and partner countries. Life expectancy has slowed down, with more and more people suffering from chronic illnesses and poor mental health. Smoking, drinking and obesity continue to cause premature deaths and impair quality of life. Restrictions on access to treatment persist, especially among people with lower incomes. The quality of care is improving in terms of safety and efficiency, and more attention should be paid to patient-reported outcomes and experiences. Countries spend a lot on health, but they don't always spend it as well as they could.

Slovenia was mentioned as one of the eight countries that spends less than the OECD average on healthcare but achieves higher life expectancy. It is one of the three countries with the highest cancer mortality rate (over 240 deaths per 100,000 population). There is a high rate of annual graduation of medical students per capita (higher than the OECD average). R&D expenditure for the pharmaceutical industry as a share of GDP is one of the largest in Slovenia, as a representative of smaller countries with a relatively large pharmaceutical sector. Only in Slovenia could an eldery person with middle income afford the cost of institutional care from their income (without assistance).

Health at Glance 2019 report is available on the link below: