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OECD Government at a Glance 2019 report, 14.11.2019

The OECD estimates that prolonged high levels of debt reduce governments’ ability to respond to economic shocks. Although public employment is generally uniform over time, civil servants are not always treated equally. More and more countries are following budgetary practices focusing on the impact of budgetary decision on key population groups and policy areas.

Stakeholder engagement on draft laws and regulations is widespread in the OCED countries, but usually occurs late in the process and stakeholders rarely get feedback on the impact of their comments.

Governments are increasingly using public procurement to achieve sustainability goals. OECD countries continue to make progress in providing public authorities with information in open, free and accessible formats. While confidence in the government has returned to pre-crisis levels, the population’s sense of political effectiveness remains low. On average, citizens’ satisfaction in the OECD countries with the health and education system and confidence in the judiciary have increased slightly, but inequalities between population groups persist.

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