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OECD publishes preliminary data on 2018 ODA

OECD adopts new methodology for counting loans in official aid data
In 2014, members of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) decided to modernise the reporting of concessional loans by assessing their concessionality based on discount rates differentiated by income group, and introducing a grant-equivalent system for calculating ODA figures. This change in the ODA methodology takes effect in 2019 with the publication of preliminary 2018 ODA. In order to be fully transparent, the OECD will continue to also publish ODA data on a cash basis. See whole report:

Preliminary ODA levels in 2018 on a grant equivalent basis
In 2018, ODA by DAC members totalled USD 153.0 billion, representing 0.31% of their combined GNI. This comprised USD 150.4 billion in the form of grants, official aid loans or contributions to multilateral institutions (calculated on a grant-equivalent basis); USD 1.5 billion to development-oriented PSI vehicles, USD 1.0 billion in the form of net loans and equities to private companies operating in ODA-eligible countries and USD 0.2 billion of debt relief. 
The United States continued to be the largest donor (USD 34.3 billion), followed by Germany (USD 25.0 billion), the United Kingdom (USD 19.4 billion), Japan (USD 14.2 billion) and France (USD 12.2 billion).

ODA allocations on a cash basis
Net ODA flows by DAC member countries were USD 149.3 billion in 2018, representing a fall of 2.7% in real terms compared to 2017. The fall reflects a reduction in in-donor refugee costs for many DAC members; excluding these costs, net ODA levels were stable compared to 2017.

Performance of Slovenia
In 2018 ODA by Slovenia totalled USD 83 million and was composed of USD 29 million of bilateral grants and USD 54million of Multilateral grants and capital subscriptions. Slovenia increased the value of ODA by 2.8% due to an increase in its bilateral aid as well as contributions to the EU;
The total ODA represented 0,16% of GNI in 2018.