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OECD Going Digital Summit discussed the challenges of the digital transformation, 11-12 March 2019

At the OECD Going Digital Summit, participants discussed opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation. Digital transformation brings an opportunity for improving productivity growth by enabling innovation and reducing the costs of business processes. Yet, despite the rapid advance of digital technologies, aggregate productivity growth has slowed over the past decade, raising the question of how digital technologies can boost productivity.

OECD has been thoroughly analyzing the digitalisation for two years. At the Summit, the OECD presented three key results of its work, the Report “Going Digital: Shaping policies, Improving Lives”; publication “Measuring the Digital Transformation” and Going Digital Toolkit Portal.

The Slovenian delegation was lead by Mr Tilen Božič, State Secretary at the Ministry of Employment, family, social affairs and equal opportunities. Mr Peter Woestner from the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion policy actively participated at the panel entitled Ensuring Connectivity for All.
In the margins of the OECD Going Digital Summit, State Secretary Božič met with OECD Director Stefano Scarpetta over a working breakfast. They discussed  possibilities of closer cooperation between Slovenia and the OECD with a view of improving labour productivity.
A very stimulating discussion was held in the margins of the Summit about the opacity of algorithms. Their methodology needs to be transparent, explainable and accountable.

More information about the OECD Going Digital Summit and the presented documents:

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