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Friends of Gender Equality plus discussed gender in developing contexts, 21 January 2019

Participants of the Friends of Gender Equality plus discussed the OECD and Members States' activities related to gender equality and women empowerment. OECD developed the DAC gender equality policy marker, which is a statistical tool that registers activities of donor countries and assists in preparing analysis on the financial resources allocated for the gender equality and women empowerment. The latest results suggest that gaps exist in the area of programming and gender equality.

OECD Development centre established the Social institutions & Gender Index, with which it analyses gaps in legislation, social norms and practices of countries and how they affect the lives of women and girls. There is also an economic reasoning behind it, as current policies bring about the loss of around 6 trillion USD, which represents 7,5% of global GDP.

2019 SIGI Report will be published on the 8th of March 2019 with the following key recommendations: ensure a life cycle approach and a whole of the government approach, search for local solutions; invest in gathering of data.

Participants emphasised the importance of mainstreaming the gender policies in all other policies. This is the only way we can achieve Agenda 2030. They emphasised the role of women in peacekeeping and security. In order to ensure greater women empowerment we will have to further raise awareness. 

Next meeting of the Friends Gender Equality plus will be organised in February. The main topics will be gender equality in the area of environment and transport.

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